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Sardar Patel University Details
Name Sardar Patel University
Institution Type State University
Address University Road, Vallabh Vidyanagar
City: Anand
Pincode: 388120
District: Anand
State: Gujarat
Contact No. Ph No: (02692) - 226806, Fax No: (02692) - 230309
Affiliated Colleges

Anand District

1. A. M. College of Science, Management & Computer Technology (AMCOST),Anand
2. Akhilesh Sureshbhai Patel Arts College ,Anand
3. Anand Arts College,Anand
4. Anand College of Education (Self Finance),Anand
5. Anand Commerce College,Anand
6. Anand Education College (Mahila College)
7. Anand Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Institute,Anand
8. Anand Institute of Business Studies
9. Anand Institute of P.G. Studies in Arts,Anand
10. Anand Institute of Social Work,Anand
11. Anand Law College,Anand
12. B. F. Shah Institute of Commerce and Management,Anand
13. B.N. Patel Institute Of Para Medical & Science,Anand
14. Bavisgam B.Ed. College,Vallabh Vidyanagar
15. Bhikhabhai Jivabhai Vanijya Mahavidyalaya (BJVM),Vallabh Vidyanagar
16. C. P. Patel & F. H. Shah Commerce College,Anand
17. C. Z. Patel College of Business & Management
18. C.V.M. College of Fine Arts,Vallabh Vidyanagar
19. C.V.M. Institute of Human Resource Development,Vallabh Vidyanagar
20. Centre for Studies & Research on Life & Works of Sardar Patel,Vallabh Vidyanagar
21. Christian College of Education,Anand
22. Dr. H. M. Patel School of Interior Design,Anand
23. G. H. Patel College of Nursing,Karamsad
24. G. J. Patel College of Management & Technology,Anand
25. H. M. Patel Institute of English Training & Research,Anand
26. I. J. Patel B. Ed. College (Self Finance),Anand
27. I.J. Patel M.Ed. College,Anand
28. Institute of Language Studies Applied Social Sciences, (ILSASS),Anand
29. Institute of Science & Technology for Advanced Studies & Research (ISTAR)
30. Institute of Studies and Research in Renewable Energy,New Vallabh Vidya Nagar
31. J. H. Patel College of Management & Technology,Dahemi
32. Jivkaran Institute of Business Administration,Anand
33. Jivkaran Institute Of Science & Technology,Vallabh Vidyanagar
34. Jivkaran Institute of Social Work,Vallabh Vidyanagar
35. K.S. College of Science, Management and Technology,Anand
36. Khushalbhai M. Patel Institute of Physiotherapy,Anand
37. M. B. Patel College of Education,Anand
38. M. B. Patel Science College,Anand
39. N. H. Patel College of Education,Anand
40. N. P. Patel Arts, Science & Commerce College,Anand
41. N. S. Patel Arts College,Anand
42. Nalini Arvind & T. V. Patel Arts College
43. Natubhai Revabhai Patel Mahila B.Ed. College (Self Finance),Karamsad
44. Natubhai V. Patel College of Pure & Applied Sciences
45. P. P. Patel College of Social Science,Anand
46. Pioneer Arts & Commerce College,Anand
47. Pramukhswami Medical College,Anand
48. R.N.Patel Ipcowala School of Law and Justice,Vallabh Vidyanagar
49. Rama Manubhai Desai College of Music and Dance,Anand
50. S. M. Patel College of Home Science
51. Saint Stifan Institute of Business Management and Technology,Anand
52. Sardar Gunj Mercantile English Medium College of Commerce & Management (Self Finance) (SEMCOM),Anand
53. Sardar Patel College of Administration and Management,Bakrol
54. Sardar Patel College of Education,Bakrol
55. Shantaben Manubhai Patel School of Studies & Research Architecture & Interior Design,Vallabh Vidyanagar
56. Shivam Institute Of Management, Commerce & Computer Science,Valasan
57. Shree A.N. Patel P.G. Institute,Vallabh Vidyanagar
58. Shree J. M. Patel Institute of Social Work & Applied Arts,Anand
59. Shree J. M. Patel P.G. Studies and Research in Humanities,Anand
60. Shree Jashbhai Motibhai Patel Arts College,Anand
61. Shree P. M. Patel College of Computer Science and Technology,Anand
62. Shree P. M. Patel College of Education (Self Finance),Anand
63. Shree P. M. Patel Insti. of P.G. Studies and Research in Science,Anand
64. Shree P. M. Patel Institute of Biosciences,Anand
65. Shree P. M. Patel Institute of Electronics and Communication,Anand
66. Shree P. M. Patel Institute of Integrated M.Sc. in Biotechnology,Anand
67. Shree P.M. Patel College of Law & Human Rights,Anand
68. Shree P.M. Patel Institute of Business Administration,Anand
69. Shree P.M.Patel College of Para Medical Science and Technology,Anand
70. Shri Babubhai Girdharbhai Patel College of Physiotherapy,Anand
71. Shri Bhikhabhai Patel Arts College,Sardar Ganj
72. Shri Bhikhabhai Patel Institute of P.G. Studies & Research in Humanities,Anand
73. Shri D.N. Institute of Business Administration
74. Shri D.N. Institute of Computer Application,Anand
75. Shri Dadabhai Naoroji Instiitute of P.G. Studies in Commerce,Anand
76. Shri Dr. V. H. Dave Homoeopathic College & Research Institute,Anand
77. Shri V. Z. Patel Commerce College,Anand
78. Smt. Jayaben B. Patel College of Commerce Studies and Research,Vallabh Vidyanagar
79. Smt. Kamalaben P. Patel College of Home Science,Anand
80. Smt. Kamlaben P. Patel Institute of Physiotherapy & Occupation Therapy,Anand
81. Smt. L. P. Patel Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology,Karamsad
82. Smt. Pushpaben Kanaiyalal Inamdar College of Education,Anand
83. Takshashila College of Management and Technology,Bakrol
84. Tarkesh and Niranjana Sureshbhai Patel Commerce College,Anand
85. V. P. & R. P. T. P. Science College,Vallabh Vidyanagar
86. Vinayaka Institute of Nursing,Bakrol
87. Waymade College of Education (English Medium),Anand

Arts / Fine Arts


1. Diploma in Dance

Course Name: Diploma in Dance(D.Dance)
Duration: Two years
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2. Diploma in Music

Course Name: Diploma in Music(D.Music)
Duration: Two years
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1. Bachelor of Arts English

2. Bachelor of Arts Gujarati

3. Bachelor of Arts Hindi

4. Bachelor of Arts Sanskrit

5. Bachelor of Library Science

6. Bachelor of Performing Arts (Dance)

7. Bachelor of Performing Arts (Music)

8. Bachelor of Visual Arts (Applied Art)

9. Bachelor of Visual Arts (Painting)

10. Bachelor of Visual Arts (Sculpture)


1. Master of Arts English

2. Master of Arts English (English Language Training)

3. Master of Arts Gujarati

4. Master of Arts Hindi

5. Master of Arts History

6. Master of Arts Political Science

7. Master of Arts Psychology

8. Master of Arts Public Administration

9. Master of Arts Sanskrit

10. Master of Arts Sociology

11. Master of Labour Welfare

12. Master of Library Science

13. Master of Social Work

14. Master of Urban Planning

BBA / MBA / Management


1. Bachelor of Business Administration (Foreign Trade)

2. Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality Managment)

3. Bachelor of Business Administration (Hospitality Managment/Tourist & Travel Management)

4. Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Systems Management)

5. Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Technology Management)

6. Bachelor of Business Adminsitration

BCA / MCA / Computer


1. Bachelor of Computer Application


1. Master of Computer Application

2. Master of Science Information Technology

Commerce / Economics


1. Bachelor of Arts Economics

2. Bachelor of Commerce (General)

3. Bachelor of Commerce (Honors)


1. Master of Arts Economics

2. Master of Arts Economics

3. Master of Commerce (Accounting & Financial Management)

4. Master of Commerce (General)

5. Master of Commerce (Human Resource Management)

6. Master of Commerce (International Banking & Accounting)

Education / Teacher Tranining / Special Education


1. Bachelor of Education

2. Bachelor of Education (English)


1. Master of Education

Course Name: Master of Education(M.Ed.)
Duration: Two Years
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Engineering / Technology


1. Bachelor of Architecture

2. Bachelor of Architecture Interior Design

Mass Media / Journalism


1. Master of Arts Communication & Media Studies

Medicine / Healthcare


1. Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery

Course Name: Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery(B.H.M.S.)
Duration: Nine Semesters + One year Internship
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2. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery

Course Name: Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery(M.B.B.S.)
Duration: Nine Semesters + One year Internship
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3. Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Course Name: Bachelor of Physiotherapy(B.Physio.)
Duration: Four years Six Months
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4. Bachelor of Science Medical Technology

5. Bachelor of Science Nursing (Post Basic)

6. Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy


1. Doctor of Medicine Materia Medica

2. Doctor of Medicine Anaesthesia

3. Doctor of Medicine Anatomy

4. Doctor of Medicine Biochemistry

5. Doctor of Medicine Community Medicine

6. Doctor of Medicine Dermatology

7. Doctor of Medicine General Medicine

8. Doctor of Medicine Homeopathic Philosophy

9. Doctor of Medicine Microbiology

10. Doctor of Medicine Obstetrics & Gynecology

11. Doctor of Medicine Paediatrics

12. Doctor of Medicine Pathology

13. Doctor of Medicine Pharmacology

14. Doctor of Medicine Physiology

15. Doctor of Medicine Radio-Diagnosis

16. Doctor of Medicine Repertory

17. Doctor of Medicine Tuberculosis & Chest diseases

18. Master of Occupational Therapy

19. Master of Physiotherapy

20. Master of Science Medical Laboratory Technology

21. Master of Surgery General Surgery

22. Master of Surgery Ophthalmology

23. Master of Surgery Orthopaedics

24. Master of Surgery Otorhinolaryngology

Post Graduate Diploma

1. Post Graduate Diploma Anaesthesia

2. Post Graduate Diploma in Child Health

3. Post Graduate Diploma in Dermatology & Venerology

4. Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

5. Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis

6. Post Graduate Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

7. Post Graduate Diploma in Ophthalmology

8. Post Graduate Diploma in Orthopaedics

9. Post Graduate Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology

10. Post Graduate Diploma in Pathology

11. Post Graduate Diploma in Tuberculosis & Chest Disease



1. Master of Pharmacy Pharmaceutics

2. Master of Pharmacy Quality Assurance

Politics / Law / Humanities


1. Bachelor of Law (General)

2. Bachelor of Law (Special))


1. Master of Laws

Course Name: Master of Laws(LL.M.)
Duration: Two years
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Post Graduate Diploma

1. Diploma in Labour Laws & Practice

2. Diploma in Taxation Laws & Practice



1. Bachelor of Science (General)

2. Bachelor of Science Home Science


1. Master of Science Analytical Chemistry

2. Master of Science Biochemistry

3. Master of Science Bioinformatics

4. Master of Science Biomedical Sciences

5. Master of Science Biotechnology

6. Master of Science Botany

7. Master of Science Chemistry

8. Master of Science Defence Science

9. Master of Science Earth Science

10. Master of Science Electronics

11. Master of Science Electronics & Communication

12. Master of Science Environment Science Technology

13. Master of Science Foods & Nutrition

14. Master of Science Forensic Science

15. Master of Science Genetics

16. Master of Science Home Science

17. Master of Science Home Science (Family Resource Management)

18. Master of Science Home Science (Food Biotechnology)

19. Master of Science Home Science (Food Nutrition and Dietetics)

20. Master of Science Home Science (Human Development)

21. Master of Science Home Science (Textile & Clothing)

22. Master of Science Industrial BioTechnology

23. Master of Science Industrial Polymer Chemistry

24. Master of Science Inorganic Chemistry

25. Master of Science Instrumentation

26. Master of Science Material Science & Technology

27. Master of Science Mathematics

28. Master of Science NanoScience & NanoTechnology

29. Master of Science Oils, Fats & Waxes

30. Master of Science Organic Chemistry

31. Master of Science Pharmaceutical Chemistry

32. Master of Science Physical Chemistry

33. Master of Science Polymer Science & Technology

34. Master of Science Renewable Energy (Energy Management)

35. Master of Science Renewable Energy (Environment Modeling)

36. Master of Science Renewable Energy (System Technology)

37. Master of Science Statistics

38. Master of Science Statistics (Quality & Productivity Management)

39. Master of Science Surface Coating Technology

40. Master of Science Zoology

Post Graduate Diploma

1. Post Graduate Diploma in Defence Materials

Sardar Patel University location
Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel University of Agriculture & Technology