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List of Courses in India

Sr No. Course Duration Eligibility
1 Bachelor of Pharmacy Four Years
2 Diploma in Pharmacy Two years 10+2 or equivalent
3 Doctor of Philosophy Pharmaceutical Analysis Four years Master's Degree
4 Doctor of Philosophy Pharmaceutical Chemistry Four years Master's Degree
5 Doctor of Philosophy Pharmaceutics Four years Master's Degree
6 Doctor of Philosophy Pharmacognosy Four years Master's Degree
7 Doctor of Philosophy Pharmacy Four years Master's Degree
8 Master of Pharmacy Two years B.Pharm.
9 Master of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Analysis Two years B.Pharm.
10 Master of Pharmacy Clinical Research Two years Bachelor's Degree
11 Master of Pharmacy Herbal Drug Technology Two years Bachelor's Degree
12 Master of Pharmacy Hospital Pharmacy Two years Bachelor's Degree
13 Master of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemistry Two years B.Pharm.
14 Master of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Management Two years Bachelor's Degree
15 Master of Pharmacy Pharmaceutics Two years Bachelor's Degree
16 Master of Pharmacy Pharmacognosy Two years B.Pharm.
17 Master of Pharmacy Pharmacology Two years B.Pharm.
18 Master of Pharmacy Quality Assurance Two years Bachelor's Degree
19 Master of Science Pharmacology Three years B.Sc.