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List of Colleges in India

Sr No. Name City
1 Agni College of Technology
2 Apollo Engineering College
3 Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology
4 Department of Aerospace Engineering
5 Department of Applied Mechanics
6 Department of Biotechnology
7 Department of Chemical Engineering
8 Department of Chemistry
9 Department of Civil Engineering
10 Department of Computer Science and Engineering
11 Department of Electrical Engineering
12 Department of Engineering Design
13 Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
14 Department of Management Studies
15 Department of Mathematics
16 Department of Mechanical Engineering
17 Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
18 Department of Ocean Engineering
19 Department of Physics
20 Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Business School
21 Jawahar Engineering College
22 Loyola - ICAM College of Engineering and Technology
23 MEASI Academy of Architecture
24 MEASI Institute of Information Technology
25 Meenakshi College of Engineering
26 Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College
27 P.T. Lee Chengalvaraya Naicker College of Engineering and Technology